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Message from the Principal

I am feeling privileged and honored to be a part of HHIRS. Our team is committed to achieve “academic and clinical excellence” in rehabilitation sciences which will be comparable to any international standards. Our state of the art campus, well equipped laboratories, libraries, class rooms, Student services and highly qualified and skilled faculty with international experience, are the salient features and will guide us to achieve the targets. The sole purpose of the institute is to produce graduates of international standards so that they are acceptable abroad without any hesitation.
We are operating as sub campus of Riphah International University which ensures strict control over the educational standards.
Our comprehensive clinical services are located under one roof with academic services which guarantee timely clinical placement of the students with appropriate supervision of our well trained and educated clinicians.

Choosing HHIRS for the 5-Years DPT program will be a decision that you will not

Dr. Keramat Ullah


Helping Hand Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences (HHIRS) a project of Helping Hand for Relief
&Development (HHRD) is a constituent college of Riphah International University Islamabad (RIU)
located in Mansehra (KPK) offers five year DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) degree program and two
years Paramedics Diploma in Health Technology, Dental Technology, Pathology Technology, Radiology
Technology and Physiotherapy Technology in affiliation with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Medical Faculty,
The institute was established in January 2014 with the sole purpose of providing quality education cost
effective services integrated with the Islamic values. The Institute is focused on delivering instruction in
Rehabilitation Sciences, to meet immediate demand for rehab professional to enable services provider
in Pakistan and abroad and produce expert rehab professional in research and thus aware about the
dynamic diversity in the field to meet the need of our community.
Helping Hand Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences (HHIRS) is a unique Institute and is in The Process of
launching a wide range of Rehabilitation courses.

Message Of Country Director

Disabled proportions of societies are not only open to physical, psychological, and social agony but their surroundings also share the pains, and never the less, the fact that the nations are devoid of the Productive work force that could contribute to national income oblige us all to come up with efforts to help, support, and rehabilitate the Persons with Disability (PWDs). According to latest populations census of Pakistan 2.5 percent of our national population is suffering from disability. There could be a number of causes underlying the scenario; however the need of the moment is to respond the situation in a comprehensive and well planed approach. According to reliable research, about 66% of the PWDs live in rural areas that are devoid of relevant facilities, in most due to acute poverty and access.
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The situation in urban centers is not much too different. Looking at the situation in Pakistan one without more ado recognizes the factors of access and availability of appropriate services, skills and research that require immediate attention. It is in this respect that today HHRD can humbly claim to have rehabilitated more the 0.14 million Persons with physical, visual, and hearing disabilities through its comprehensive Rehabilitation and health programs. Initiation of HHRD Institute of Rehabilitation science in a purpose built rehabilitation complex at KPK is another effective link to the approach for contribution towards rehabilitation of PWDs in Pakistan. The Thought beneath is that through HHIRS an educational and rehabilitation facility that is no less than the standards provided by the best institutes of the kind in developed countries exists. We ensure that best available academic, clinical, and management human resource and environment is available. I am sure that the Institute will serve through its clinical clutch and academic niche the cause of disabled people as they deserve it.


Message of Managing Director

Welcome to the Helping Hand Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences. It is a matter of immense pleasure that I am a part of the Helping Hand comprehensive rehabilitation project since its inception in 2006. We have acquired our short rehabilitation goals of this project and are now entering in an exciting new phase of commencement of our educational project. A state of the art purposeful building of 43000 square feet is erected at the serene location of Mansehra. Thanks to the generous donors of Helping Hand and the board of governors (BOG) for taking keen interest to make this project a reality. This building will serve as a modern rehabilitation centre as well as a nationwide unique institute in the field of rehabilitation sciences, Insha allah.

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As a unique institute it is in the process of launching a wide range of rehabilitation courses in the near future which will be akin to any international standards. We are debuting our mission with a five years Doctor of physical therapy program and will launch Specialised Master courses in the wide range of rehabilitation sciences, Insha allah

Our skilled faculty has acquired qualification and experience from technologically advanced countries of Europe and America and are passionate to exchange their knowledge and experience through our institution. Our DPT curriculum is HEC recognised and we are an affiliate institute of ISO 2013 Certified “Riphah international University”.

The sole purpose of this institute is to provide quality education integrated with Islamic values. The fee structure is affordable and far less than its competitors while at the same time guarantee high standards of professional education.

When you choose IRS, you are making an investment that will promise a bright future.

Ilyas Syed
Managing Director


Rodney Stratton

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Events at HHIRS

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Program Strategy

HHRD strategy for rehabilitation of PWDs underlies the concepts and aspects of Awareness, Assessment, Rehabilitation, and Empowerment for Social Mainstreaming of PWDs. While synchronizing with HHRD Vision and Mission its comprehensive rehabilitation program for PWDs aspires to reach and rehabilitate PWDs in all four areas of disability i.e. Physical, Visual, Hearing and soft components of mental disability, and empower them to be into the mainstream of development as equal useful citizens. It is with this mission that Helping Hand Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences is now a reality.
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It is integral to HHRD strategy for rehabilitation of PWDs. it will not only produce rehabilitation professional to meet access demand for outstanding rehab professionals but also enthusiastic and motivated rehabilitation volunteers. To initiate with, it envisages provision of post graduate studies in Physical Therapy and college of Paramedic disciplines, and gradually will be evolved into the seat of excellence also for post graduate studies in Prosthetics and Orthotics, Audiology, optometry, special education, and subjects relating intellectual disability As part of the Institute a topnotch rehabilitation center will serve the PWD suffering from physical, hearing, visual, or Intellectual disabilities. This center will also serve as a hub for outreach interventions to overcome the constraints of spatial and financial access faced by the PWDs living in far regions of the country, and the students and faculty of the institute will be the Frontrunners.


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