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Maqbool Elahi

Assistant Professor- English/HOD, Paramedical Diploma

About Maqbool Elahi

Maqbool Elahi possesses a robust foundation in English Language and literature. He got his M.Phil. Degree from Hazara University Mansehra and a Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Ethics and Teaching Methodology from Riphah International University Islamabad. Joining HHIRS in 2018, he has made significant contributions to the institution’s academic and literary spheres. Currently serving as the Chief Editor of the College Magazine and Head of the Literary Society, he exemplifies leadership and dedication in his roles.

Research Area:

Maqbool’s research interests primarily lie in the domain of Postcolonial Studies, reflecting his commitment to exploring critical perspectives on colonial legacies and their impact on contemporary society.


With a keen scholarly pursuit, Maqbool has authored 5 publications in journals recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). His contributions to academic literature reflect both depth and relevance, contributing valuable insights to his field.


Maqbool Elahi brings a wealth of experience to his academic endeavors, with 12 years of dedicated teaching experience. His extensive background enriches his pedagogical approach, ensuring a dynamic and engaging learning environment for students under his tutelage.