Diploma in Radiology

General Outline
Aim of this curriculum is to equip students with the relevant professional knowledge, skills and techniques to enable them to apply their acquired expertise for efficient health service delivery. At the end of training the student should be able exhibit the following general and specific competencies:

A. General learning objectives
1. Act upon his / her job description ethically keeping in mind the requirements of community and people at large.
2. Demonstrate empathy and humane approach towards communities and exhibit interpersonal behavior in accordance with the societal norms and expectations.
3. Demonstrate sufficient understanding of basic sciences related to the
technology and be able to integrate such knowledge in his / her work.

B.Specific learning objectives
Radiography Technician is in charge of one or more X-Ray units and is responsible for its proper working and maintenance. S/he assists use of X-ray, computerized tomography (CT), angiography, fluoroscopy, ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to produce images of organs and body parts. Following competencies will be expected from a student completing a diploma course in Radiography and Medical Imaging. The student should be able to:
Radiography / Technical
•Use initiative to prioritize, deliver and time-manage workload effectively and,when required assist senior staff to plan efficient control of work flow patterns within the department.
•Position patients safely for examinations and, adapts standard techniques
depending on medical/surgical conditions associated with disability, illness or trauma.
• Perform a range of radiographic examinations on patients to produce high-quality images.
•Assist radiologist and senior staff in complex radiological examinations.
•Record imaging identification and patient documentation quickly and accuratelyand observes protocols.
•Ensure that the X-Ray films of the patients from wards are sent to the wards as soon as Radiologist has written the report.

Eligibility Criteria

Metric (Science 50 % of Marks)

Last Date of Form submission                     18th Aug 2020

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Enrolled: 115 students
Duration: 02 Years