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Clinical Services

CPRP (Comprehensive physical rehabilitation program) was launched in 2006, to cope with the disabilities resulted from the devastating earthquick on 2005. Thousand of people availed the services so far and demand is constatntly on the rise. Over the period it was felt that the need is constant of comprehensive rehabilitation services. Therefore, the rehabilitation services was trasnsformed into Helping hand institute of rehabilitation sciences trust. Since its inception HHIRS Trust has provided its services to thousand of patients having different physical disabilities.  The clinical objectives are consistant with the UNCRPD which has already been ratified by GOP.


  • To establish a modern rehabilitation center.
  • To provide advisory services for all disabilities
  • To Screen, diagnose, and management of physical dysfunction, impairments, and disabilities.
  • To manage identified functional impairments and disabilities.
  • Screening, diagnosis, and management of cognitive function.
  • To manage disabilities through latest scientific techniques of rehabilitation.
  • To provide Rehabilitation Services for all the population and through all stages of the life course.
  • To launch an advocacy campaign for integrating rehabilitation into all levels of health care.
  • To provide recommendations on Physical activity during and after treatment.
  • To organize seminar, workshops and trainings.

Rehabilitative clinical services

  1. Physical Therapy (PT) Depatmrnt

HHIRS clinicians speciliazed in treating in maunual therapy,  electrotherapy modilities and  biomechnical assessments procedures with the objectives of rehabilitation and recovery , optimal function and movement of body and prevention of injury by covering a wide range of neurological , neuromusculoskeletal and cardiomuscular ailments alongwith orthopedic and post –surgery rehabilitations ( liver and kidnet transplant).

HHIRS also deals in physiotherapy in geriatric, obstetric and gyneocology, sport injuries, obesity and pain management. The most unique feature of the department is to provide services for pre-natal and post-natal exercises and post-manepausal rehabilitation under Women Wellness Program.

  1. Orthotics and Prosthetics (PNO) Department

The department of PnO at HHIRS has been rendering its services for the complete well being of all age and gender group to replace or enhance a body organ which is fully or partially impaired. Its include  Endosekeleton and Exoskeletal Systems and post operative procedures.

The PnO labs have exceptional tools, machines, and technology for prothetic services in hydraulic knee, silicone suction suspension, dynamic response feet, Flex foot, myoelectric and custom augmentative communication adaptation systems.

The clinical services and labs further deals in orthotic services such as custom and prefabricated srvical orthoses, scoliosis control orthoses, HALOs, and various types of Off-the-shelf-TLSOs, LSOs, SOs by forwarding its services in Lower Limb, Knee Othoses and Upper Limb.The comprehensive clinical and Lab services also includes Pedorthic foot devices and vascular compression garments.

  1. Occupational Therapy (OT) Department

The department of Occupational therapy (OT) deals with  all ages who have physical, sensory, or cognitive problems and to regain independence and minimize barriers that affect a person’s emotional, social, and physical needs in all areas of their lives.

The competent rehabilitative practitiones are providing services in the areas of Strokes, birth and hand injuries, cerebal palsy, parkinson’s diseas, development dalays, traumatic brain injuries, Multiple sclerosis, Spinal Cord injuries, caprul Tunnel syndrome, arthritis, chronic Lymph Endema, Down Syndrome and Learning Disabilities.

  1. Speech and language Pathology (SLP) Department

The SLP department provides treatment , support and care for children and adults who have difficulties with communication , or with eating , drinking and swallowing. The department primarily deals with articulation , Fluency , Resonamce ( receptive and expressive), cognitive communication and dysphagia  disorders. It futher extended to provide services on weak oral muscles, chronic hoarseness, cleft lip ( palate), Autism, Motor planning, respiratory and behavoural problems.   

  1. Psychosocial Department

The department of psychosocial support is an integral part of the HHIRS. The services are provided to children, adults and PWD in the following social problems

  • Neuro Development Disorder
  • Autism
  • ADHD
  • Intellectual Disability
  • Learning disorder
  • Depression, anxiety and bio-polar disorder
  • Dysfunctional behavior
  • Psychosocial and Psychosomatic issues Management

Treatment areas & labs

The Clinical services are performed at HHIRS in a professional way by using all latest technological based equipments and has its own Lab for manufacturing of medical rehabilitation body parts. The services are render through following areas.

  • Male physio Gym
  • Occpational Therapy Lab for Sensory Motor Activities
  • P&O Lab
  • Electro Therapy Rooms
  • Patient Treatment Area
  • OPPs M&F