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Research & Development

Research & Development

Realizing the acute shortage of highly qualified researchers and to enhance research culture among the HHIRS Faculty and students, the Research and Development (R&D) Department was established since the inception of HHIRS Academics Programs. 

The department of R&D has been  continuously focusing to take initiatives for new products and services in rehabilitative medical technology to the changing landscape of healthcare.  The department is finding new approaches and innovative ideas that can be implemented as new solutions. The R&D specifically concentrating on rehabilitation medical knowledge and clinical services as goal oriented. 

R&D Department welcomes and creates good working relationship with other higher learning rehabilitation institutions, and donor agencies in the activities that can enhance academic and research excellence. We will achieve this through working with student and faculty members to capitalize on effective partnerships with corporate clinicians. The studies are embedded as patient centered and progressive research culture in all areas of rehabilitative education and clinical services.

HHIRs conducted studies in following areas : 

Accomplished researches

  • Relative Risk Factor and Types of Cerebral Palsy ( Case Control)
  • Impact of Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services On Gross Motor Function in Cerebal Palsy Patient Enrolled in CWDP
  • Satisfaction Level in Parents of Cerebal Palsy Children attending Comprehensive Rehabilitation services Offered By Children with Disability Program
  • Challenges Faced By Families Of Children with Cerebral Palsy
  • Direct and Indirect Cost Management Of Children with Cerebral Palsy 
  • The Bilief of Parents in Relation to The Complementary / Alternative Treatment of Cerebral Palsy

On going Researches

  • Association of Depression and anxiety with GMF at baseline & after six months
  • Translation and cross cultural adaptation of king health questionnaire
  • Effect of PPCS VS CBS stretch on change in FM (RUBB and RDBN) and Posterior capsular tightness
  • Association of Cognition and GMF at baseline & after six months. (complete previous sample +new objective)
  • Comparison of surgical and conservative treatment outcome in patient with lumber disc prolapse
  • Prevalence and associated factors of MSK disorders in madrassa and school students
  • Muscle energy technique with and without PPCS in patients with shoulder pathology

Published articles

  • Combination of Core Stability Exercises and Maitland Manual Therapy is Better Alternative in the Management of Chronic Low Back Pain
  • Patients’ Satisfaction with Physiotherapy Services for Musculoskeletal Disorder
  • Pragmatic posterior capsular stretch and its effects on shoulder joint range of motion
  • Evaluation of physicians’ and surgeons’ knowledge regarding physiotherapy in KPK Pakistan
  • A Novel And Pragmatic Protocol For The Regression Of Lumbar Disc Pathologies: JRCRS-2020-04-017
  • Serratus Anterior Stretch: A Novel Intervention and Its Effect on the Shoulder Range of Motion
  • Etiology of Amputation in Patients Presented At HHIRS Mansehra
  • Translation and cultural adaptation of Shoulder Pain and Disability Index in Urdu (SPADI-U)
  • Comparison of the effectiveness of novel intervention on restricted range of motion of shoulder in young healthy subjects
  • Psychometric Analysis of Urdu Version of Shoulder Pain and Disability Index: A Reliability and Validity Study 
  • Risk factors evaluation of cerebral palsy in Hazara division KPK Pakistan: A cross-sectional survey
  • Estimation of Impact of Different Types of Urinary Incontenence on Various Aspect of Quality of Life in Females of Mansehra City