Principal Message:

Life without purpose is empty, futile and hopeless. The greatest tragedy is not death, but life without purpose. It has been more than 5 years and HHIRS has been successfully graduated his 1st batch. Through all these years, we have gone through the full spectrum of physiotherapy professional ingredients regardless of good or tough. We have been judgmental with respect to our fellow colleagues and can say that we are not in the worst category.

I believe the college with its limited resources has done its best to hand over professionals of high quality to the society. We have created professional in our faculty who are valued by the other colleagues and employed with high incentives, which is a significant achievement for me.

Our institute is unique in many aspects, i.e. diverse clinical services in rehabilitation sciences, mixed faculty of relative expertise and best forward looking university. These are essential elements to develop and create quality professionals equipped with sound theory, practical, moral and ethical norms integrated with Islamic and local values.

The institute recently took some initiatives in academics and clinical departments. It has established a research department, which is now producing indigenous meaningful researches. The feedback of patients regarding our clinical services is vastly satisfactory and the same is the feedback of our students with respect of academics.

I congratulate the staff and faculty members on achieving the major objectives and thankful to my students who are complying in a positive manner. I hope my companions and students will leave no stone unturned to glorify this institute.