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Alumni Gathering 2023

Training workshops hold great importance of life of a student. They are platforms not only to learn new aspects, others perspectives and latest information, but also a good way of networking. On 7th June 2022, Training workshop on positive use of #social #media and #Aim of #Life organized by HR department of HHIRS and CPRP. Zubair Mansoori Motivational speaker & public figure delivered a lecture on Aim of Life, while addressing the students he said, A Muslim’s view of life is long-term. It is not restricted to life on Earth. His decisions are influenced by benefits and consequences in the afterlife. True success is the success of the eternal life. On other side Dr.Mohsin Zahid gave lecture on positive use of Social media. Resource Person (Dr. Mohsin Zahid (Head of R&D, Certified Master Trainer) and Mr. Zubair Mansoori (Motivational Speaker/Public Figure)