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Free Rehab Camp at Lakki Marwat

Helping Hand Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences Mansehra has been endeavoring to outreach quality healthcare services to various patient communities in rural and remote areas. In this context, being part of the hospital’s outreach program, a free Rehabilitation camp was arranged by HHIRS, on 22nd and 23rd June2022 at Lakki Marwat. Patients from Lakki Marwat and surrounding areas were seen during the camp. Over 425 patients were Screened/Assessed & home exercise program was given stroke, CP, post-polio paralysis, post traumatic contracture, sciatica, CTEV patients and other permanent disability. Casting of 67 P&O patients were done. Persons with disability can lead a better quality of life if they have equal #opportunities and #effective access to #rehabilitation measures which will help them to attain the highest possible level of functional ability so that they lead an independent, self-sufficient and successful life.