Diploma in Physio Therapy

General Outline

Aim of this curriculum is to equip students with the relevant professional knowledge, skills and techniques to enable them to apply their acquired expertise for efficient health service delivery. At the end of training the student should be able exhibit the following general and specific competencies:
1-General learning objectives

  1. Act upon his / her job description ethically keeping in mind the requirements of community and people at large.
  2. Demonstrate empathy and humane approach towards communities and exhibit interpersonal behavior in accordance with the societal norms and expectations.
  3. Demonstrate sufficient understanding of basic sciences related to his technology and be able to integrate such knowledge in his / her

B- Specific learning objectives:
A student should gain knowledge and skill and develop competencies and be enabled to assist the physiotherapist in the conduction of following duties:
Preventive / Promotive

  • Provide information to the patient about the proposed intervention, its material risks if any and expected benefits and any reasonable
  • Provides educational information about physiotherapy and physiotherapists, injury prevention, ergonomics and ways to promote physical
  • Facilitate group rehabilitation


  • Implement a comprehensive treatment plan developed by a physical therapist
  • Communicate regularly with the supervising physical therapist about the patient’s progress and the need to adjustments to be made by the physical therapist in treatment procedures in accordance with changes in patient status Perform appropriate measurement and assessment techniques within the knowledge and limits of practice to assist the supervising physical therapist in monitoring and modifying the plan of care Interact with patients and families in a manner that provides the desired psychosocial support including the recognition of cultural and socioeconomic differences Constructs, maintains and repairs medical supportive Records physiotherapy done with response / progress in patient’s chart or enter  information into computer.

Revisions and Updating of Curriculum

The curricula are ever evolving organic documents. Regular reviews and revisions are, therefore, essentially required to keep them in pace with modern needs; topics that are required now might outlive their utility in a few years. Updating curricula therefore forms the basis for quality teaching as well as professional competence of AHPs. This would be ensured by technology-wise panels of experts notified by the Health Department

Eligibility Criteria

Metric (Science 50 % of Marks)

Last Date of Form submission                     18th Aug 2020

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Enrolled: 115 students
Duration: 02 Years
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