BS Medical Lab Technology (BS-MLT)

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Introduction of Medical Laboratory Technology

Early and accurate diagnosis of a disease is preliminary for the treatment which depends entirely on skilled hands to operate medical lab equipment and perform accurate laboratory tests. Therefore, an academic program is urgently needed which can train and enable professionals to perform accurate lab tests, handle modern laboratory equipment & instruments and have potential to use latest scientific methods for precise detection, diagnosis and prognosis of the disease.

Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology is a four-year program that aims to train students in the basic Medical Laboratory Techniques used in Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Blood bank, Microbiology and Histopathology laboratories. This program will provide the advanced knowledge of medical laboratory sciences facilitating the diagnostic services in the hospitals and research activities at higher teaching, diagnostic and reference centers.

This program will be implemented by qualified faculty in well-equipped laboratories, purposefully build lecture halls along with the facility of physical as well as digital library. A real exposure in the clinical laboratory will be given to the students by terminal research projects and clinical clerkships.

Eligibility Criteria:  F.Sc. Pre Medical with minimum 45% marks

Duration: 4 years (8 Semesters)

Aims and Objectives 

  • Learn and apply theory and techniques in the medical pathology laboratory.
  • Avoid problems pertaining to collecting, transporting, handling and conducting tests on laboratory samples
  • Confidently and correctly carry out all the bench work required for diagnostic tests in various discipline of pathology.
  • Demonstrate proper handling and preventative maintenance of instruments.
  • Convey timely laboratory results to the clinicians
  • Perform and monitor quality control in the laboratory.
  • Assist the consultants in research.
  • Demonstrate ethical behavior and decision making.

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Duration: 4 years