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Academic Services

Helping Hand Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences (HHIRS) is a pioneer institute providing integrated rehabilitative medical and allied health sciences education with fully equipped learning and practical facilities. We aims to prepare outstanding and competent rehabilitation practitioners with sound knowledge and skills to become leaders in their respective fields as educators and scholars that contributes to the advancement of their profession.


Helping Hand Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences (HHIRS) is an exceptional institute offering wide-ranging degree and diploma programs in medical sciences and is in the process to launch advance degree programs. HHIRS offers Doctor of physical therapy (DPT), BS Prosthetics and orthotics, BS Speech & Language Pathology Diploma in Health, Lab, Dental, Radiology, Anesthesia, Pharmacy technologies and physical therapy since January 2014.


The Institute also provides a practical based clinical rehabilitation services for the students in the fields of Occupational Therapy, Orthotics and Prosthetics, Speech and Language Therapy, Audiology and psychosocial support for their actively involvement in clinical practices from the beginning of their degree and diploma programs.


HHIRS is an affiliated institute of Khyber Medical University and recognizes the programs offered by HEC Pakistan. HHIRS envisions to establish a first ever Rehabilitation Medical Sciences University in order to provide skilled and experienced practitioners with complete range of rehabilitation education.


Learning Spaces


HHIRS offers an extraordinary spaces to accommodate both experiential-hands-on learning and collaborative work with preferred learning environments through latest technology. The classes are designed as team and problem-based learning by involving students and teachers to carryout mind-storm dialogues and discussions. The classrooms are equipped with IT based smart interactive boards and teaching aids.




HHIRS has established a modernized and technological based library stocked various printed and E- books on medical and social sciences. The library helps practitioners and researchers to relate and evaluate their reference learnings with modern knowledge and to discover and explore new areas of research. The students and teachers have any easy access to virtual and cybernetic E-knowledge through a Digital Library Service.      


Practical Environment


HHIRS has established fully-equipped modern laboratories to enable students to become caring professionals and translate classroom knowledge into real services. The lab is equipped with latest digitalized and assessment tools for their practical work by maintaining safety during experiments. The labs serve students to learn assessments, interventions and research techniques in the field of human physical and psychological rehabilitation.


Rehabilitation Center


Rehabilitation is defined as “a set of interventions designed to optimize functioning and reduce disability in individuals with health conditions in interaction with their environment”.  (WHO)

One of the most important part of Helping Hand Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences is establishment of a rehabilitation center where clinical services are provided to out-patients as per recognized standards. The rehabilitation center also facilitates HHIRS students’ for their practical exposure in the areas of Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Orthotics, Prosthetics, Speech & Language Pathology, Audiology and Ophthalmology. The center has achieved remarkable results in terms of rehabilitation for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). The center facilitates students to transform them into Competent Rehab Specialists.


Interactive Learning


HHIRS provides a complete facilitation to teachers and students to develop interpersonal skills, ability to act independently, improve creativity, minimize behavioral problems and stay motivated. Learning outside of classrooms is more motivating, realistic, and makes a significant impact on the students. Student-Teachers common sitting spaces out-of classes are provided for healthy interaction and productive exchange of professional ideas. With outdoor learning, the students and teachers are able to improve their communication skills, teamwork skills and develop more ability to tackle or face the real-life situations. They learn to manage conflicts, communicate, and cooperate with their peers in a more effective manner.


Co-curricular Activities


Co-curricular activities are part and parcel for HHIRS students for their harmonious development of body, mind and soul. Co-curricular activities help the students to nurture goodwill and provide ample opportunity to develop their faculty and tighten the bondage of friendship and brotherhood. HHIRS has special focus on co-curricular activities and are planned on yearly basis. It include debates, cultural activities, Sport Galas, indoor and outdoor games, festivals, Essay competition, Medical & Science Quizzes, Cooking, Seminars and Exposure Visits. 


Student Affairs


HHIRS department of students affairs serve for admissions and guidance for Students, alumni relations and creating and administering a variety of programs to meet the needs of all students and ensure a respectful, nurturing cultural environment. Student Affairs deptt also deals in daily interactions are peaceful and productive for every student and crafted guidelines for behavior, possess oversight for mediating infractions, negotiate and addresses with various grievances and planned in-house sport activities by maintaining an active, harmonious, and beneficial learning and living environment for students.




HHIRS has a unique compreshensive and extenvie scholarship program for intelligent and needy students. The main objective of HHIRS is to deliver the overall Rehabilitation program in a way that on one side the modernized rehabilitative clinal services are established and on the other the rehabilitative medical practiotioners are to be gratudated for coping the future needs in ther respective fields. In view of above HHIRS shaped arrangements to support and promote each student which has the capability for graduating the degree in shape of concessions and full program scholorships.

Board and Lodge


HHIRS has enlisted best standardized nearby ventilated buildings for delivering quality services to students, staff and faculty members. HHIRS envisions to construct a well-engineered building where a mixture of catered and self-catered accommodation with the half board option as standard will be offered. It will not mere only a board and lodge but will a utility to build the moral character and ethical values of a student in a mannered way   




HHIRS offers students and faculty members to have nutritious food and refreshments at affordable prices with a suitable aesthetic environmental touch. An adequate & well-furnished canteen is established with proper ventilation and skilled and generous waiters are placed for offering hygienic foods and beverages.