Annual Calendar Co-Curricular Activities year 2018

S # Activity Date
New Session 1st of Feb 2018
1 Tarbiya Session 1 22-Feb
2 Welcome & awareness Lunch 1-Mar
3 Tarbiya Session 2 15-Mar
4 Green Pakistan International Day of Forests 21-Mar
Mid Term Exams 1-Apr
6 Sports Gala 16-Apr
8 Tarbiya Session 3 11-Apr
9 World Creativity and Innovation Day, 21-Apr
10 Tarbiya Session Ramadhan (Qirat Competitions) 4 15-May
11 World Blood Donor Day, 14-Jun
Final Term Exams 15-Jun
13 Recreational Tour Boys(DPT ,Diploma) 22-Jun
14 Tarbiya Session 5 16-Jul
15 Recreational Tour Girls(DPT ,Diploma) 27-Jul
16 Speech Competitions Independence Day, 14-Aug
New Session 1-Sep
17 Welcome & awareness Lunch 5-Sep
18 World Physical Therapy Day 11-Sep
19 Tarbiya Session 6 15-Oct
20 Dramatic Performance Iqbal Day 9-Nov
Mid Term Exams 12-Nov
21 Tarbiya Session 7 15-Nov
22 Rabi Ul Awwal (Naat Competitions) 19-Nov
23 International Day of Persons with Disabilities. 3-Dec
24 Tarbiya Session 8 14-Dec
25 Regional Competitions Dates not defined
26 RIU competitions Dates not defined
27 Physio League Activities Dates not defined
28 Talent Award Dates not defined
Final Term Exams 16-Jan
29 Intra Colleges Competitions Dates not defined
30 Conferences Participation Dates not defined
31 Miscelanious  Activities Dates not defined
32 Annual Parents Teachers Meeting Dates not defined
33 Sports Goods Start of each Semester

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