Helping Hand Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences

Academic Calendar 2018 for Semester Programs
Description Week Spring2018 Fall,2018
Announcement of DPT Admissions -5, -4 Mon,Jan-22-2018 Mon, jul-16-2018
Entry Test for new intake -2, -2 Sat,Feb-17-2018 Sun,Aug-05-2018
Notification of class time tables -1 Mon,Feb-19-2018 Mon,Aug-13-2018
Submission of Admission Dues -1 Mon-Mon, Feb-19 to Feb-26-2018 Wed, Aug-08 to Aug, 15-2018
Start of Classes 1 Thu, March-1-2018 Thu,Aug-16-2018
Orientation of New batches 1 Thu, Mar-1-2018 to Mar 3-2018 Thu, Aug-16-2018
Last Date of Course Add/Drop & Semester Break/Freez 2 Mon- Fri, March-5-9-2018 Mon-Fri, Sep 03 -07-2018
Submission of Registration with RIU 3-4 Mon- Fri,March-12-23-2018 Mon-Fri Sep 10-14-2018
Welcome Party for new students 7 Thursday 05-April-2018 Wed-20-10-2018/optional
Speech Competition &Tarbiya Event 3 Sat-17-Mar-2018 14-09-2018
Attendance/Progress report-I 8 Mon to Fri,Apr-16-20- 2018 Mon,Oct-24-2018
Submission of Question Papers for Mid Term Examination 8 Mon to Fri,Apr-16-20- 2018 Mon, Oct-1-2018
Mid Term Exams 9-10, 9 Mon-Apr-23-2016 to Fri-May-04-2018 Mon- Mon Oct-14-22-2018
Announcement of Result Monday May 14. 2018 Fri, 26 Oct 2018
Sports Gala(Male) 11 Mon,May-07 to Fri,May-11-2018
Sports Gala(Female) 11 Mon,May-07to Fri,May-11-2018
Submission of Question Papers for Final Term Examination 14 Mon,Jun-04 to Fri,Jun-08-2018 Mon,Dec-3-2018
Issuance of Examination Slip to studentsandclearance ofdues 16 Mon,Jun-11 to Fri ,Jun-15-2018 Mon, Fri- Dec, 17 -21, 2018
Preparatory Leaves for final Term Exams 17 Mon,Jun-18 to Fri,Jun-22-2018
Final Term Exams 18-19 Mon,Jun-25to Fri,Jul-06-2018 Tue ,Jan-01 to Fri, Jan11-2019

*No Makeup Classes/Quizzes/Assessment shall be Conducted in last week of Semester.

Kashmir Day -3 Mon, Feb-05-2018
Pakistan Day 3 Fri, Mar-23-2018
Labour Day 8 Tue, May-01-2018
Eid-ul-Fitr* 14 Thu, June-14 to Sun, June 17–2018
Independence Day 1 Tue, Aug 14, 2018
Eid-ul-Edha* 2 Tue, Aug- 21 to Fri, Aug- 24-2018
Yaume-Aushura* 4 Wed-Thu 12-13 Sep 2018
Allama Iqbal Day 12 Fri, Nov 9, 2018
Eid Milad-ul-Nabi* 14 Tue, Nov 20, 2018
Quaid-e-Azam Day 18 Tue, Dec 25, 2018

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